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this is art.


Definitely into it, loving the visuals and animations. Would recommend maybe removing some of the walking at the beginning though, I was definitely starting to get tired of it before making camp. Just my opinion though.

I have a crash during startup on both the Win x64 and Win x86 versions of the game. Where can I send crash files?

Nevermind, it's an issue with Citrix not with your demo. Fixed and now I can play


The demo looked interesting, but it was just a walking simulator, sadly.


Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and get back to me if you'd be interested in letting me stream more of this title!


What is this shader called?

The effect on the shader is called Dither / dithering :)

thank you!


Genuinly thought this was a cool game. kinda scared me at one point but I'm excited to see where the story goes!


Game looks amazing. Cant wait for the full game.


Very interesting demo! Unique concept, excellent soundtrack, a good atmosphere with a slight souls like feeling! I'm very curious to see how the full game turns out! 

Really liking the atmosphere, and I like the careful deliberate movement of the main character, it has a nice feel and feels accurate for someone wearing heavy armour. It feels like this has a lot of potential, and I'm interested to see where it's going. I also like the fact that despite being a knight it is not primarily combat based (in fact I didn't come across any combat, possibly I missed a combat encounter), and the lack of a weapon helps increase the feeling of dread.

Now for some criticism:

The text needs to be more legible. It needs something to make it stand out otherwise you just end up squinting at it half the time. Maybe an outline to the text? Or a darkened partly transparent box behind it to make it stand out from the background?

I think that the level design needs some tweaking. Initially once you leave the dungeon, you have a lot of different paths to choose from, but they all basically lead the same place, and there seems to be no benefit to exploring them all? Which then teaches the player that exploring is a bit of a waste of time, only to later find that there is a benefit to exploration as you can find more fireflies and interesting events, so you're giving players mixed messages.

For a game that seems to be promarily focused on exploring, it also feels weird to have such frequent and multiple points of no return for each section, which for me at least made me worry that I might not have explored everywhere. this might be the point, but personally I didn't find that uncertainty very fun? And it made me reluctant to want to retry the level to go back and find things I'd missed, especially as the lesson that I'd learned as a player early on was that sometimes exploring is a waste of time. Personally, I feel like these restrict exploring, rather than encourage it, so if exploration and finding out stuff about the state of the world is the purpose of the game then I would heavily recommend considering how your level design affects that.

(Also, the bit where you choose to make camp is unclear that making camp means you can't go back and continue to explore the rest of the paths.)

On a separate note, the introduction sequence also has some nice atmosphere, but I think that A) it needs a little bit of work on the character animation and B) given that the character faces aren't particularly expressive, having the main character open their helmet to show their face kinda works against the emotions that you're trying to instill in the viewer , so I'd recommend just keeping the helmet on. Let the bodylanguage and voiceacting do the heavy lifting there.

I'm sorry if this feels negative, but I do see a lot of potential in this game and I'm giving this feedback because I want to see it fix these things in order to live up to that potential

Absolutely stunning atmosphere, walking through that dark forest had me on the edge of my seat. Looking forward to keep playing this once it releases. One thing I noticed - while interacting with the skeleton leaning against the grave, I had a hard time reading the text because there was no contrast between the text and the ground. I had to guess on an option and accidentally died haha. Either way, keep up the amazing work :)

This is so, so awesome. Really unlike anything else out there. Incredible mood, visuals, story setup. I'm in love with this world. Can't wait to see where you take it!

Feels nice and unique. I really like the atmosphere, and I constantly felt the urge to explore and find out more. I was disappointed when I couldn't play any further, but I'm excited for the finished product. Great work so far, and I wish you a speedy development process free from bugs, unless they're the creepy crawly kind.

Hi, I tried to play your game, however with my Mac it would only show a purple screen. Clicking around, I realised I could play the game blindly, and I love the audio, but for some reason I can’t see the actual game. I tried it on different levels of graphics, but nothing’s worked so far.

This looks great! but the moment i'm given control, my character is spinning on himself (as in my camera). Not sure what to do, i'm playing on mouse and keyboard. Id love to come back to it as soon as that's fixed though! 

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I've heard this problem occurring for several people. If there is no gamepad involved, you can try deleting the game and unpacking it again to see if that helps. I'll be working on a fix in due time!

Thank you! I'll try that! 

Great musics, I'm a bit gealous. ❤️



Travelling a maze to find my lost love. Check it out and subscribe! #theorangeranger #gaming #ofloveandeternity #itchio #youtube #powerrangers


It's so beautiful! Everything about this game just looks and sounds magnificent and I can't wait for the full release! 


Brilliant. It is so different, but so beautifully made. Looking forward to the full game.

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Why it got all trendy to make games in fucking 240p


Because it looks cool owo

A unique concept, amazing art and music. Can't wait to see the full game!

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What an amazing looking game. Very cinematic, looking forward to it.


This seems super cool so far! I didn't encounter any combat, but the aesthetic and world-building has me super interested. Props to the developer! Can't wait to see more of this.


Really cool looking game so far. Had a bit of trouble with the fighting 😂

amazing everything! Cutscenes, audio design, graphics, art-style, I love everything. I just have an opinion on the big skeleton voice, I imagined a very rusty voice, pausing every 2 words, like that... but thats just my opinion. Anyways, continue the good work!

I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely enraptured I am by this game! The very SECOND I saw this knight flying through space I fell in love. You've really got something great going on here! Can't wait for more!



this art style is dope AF


I absolutely *loved* this demo! I think it shows through the hardcore fan-girling 🤣

But seriously, this was a fantastic way to whet my appetite for the project as it grows. Great work! 😊


Made a video


hello this is good stuff but the graphics is old

I think it was intentional, to try to give it the aesthetic of a lost ps2 game

Hey there ^-^

I was wondering how do you make the game stop spinning ? it keeps spinning both keyboard AND gamepad. Would love to play your game. <3

Deleted 307 days ago

I little short demo full of potential that you and Michael Berto put together! I loved the aesthetics, combinating a retro ps1 look and a ambience sound design that really sold me the eerie atmospheric of the nether realm. I am really curious about how you will develop the narrative of eternal love and post-life. The visuals are simple and beautiful, the design is great, the sense of dread is palpable - very very good ambience!
In short: congrats! These kind of games renew my energy to porsue my own little projects, being a example of how awesome an indie project can be.

In the subject of criticisms I have some:
- The movimentation controls are a bit cluncky, so is a little off to move around and I always was aware of the controls
- I agree that the audio mixing should prioritize voices to keep clear the understanding of the scene (but subtitles would help to aid this effort)
- The level design is too much straight forward to me, it seems that you only could take simple paths and walk for a long period admiring the gourgeous forest - could be nicer to make a broader kind of navigation, to allow the player to sense the creep and navigate with caution... a straight line gives reassurance to a tranquil journey.
- Menu navigation should be checked out, multiple times the menu opened and multiple options were selected (for example).

I will look forward for updates and keep the good work!


I was trying to take a break after the demo disc, and then I see this. Its like you crawled into my dreams and made a game :-O

No Commentary 

I have played this game on my potato laptop, on the fastest quality settings, with the ditter turned off - the game still looks amazing, the problem with it that i had was that i have had nothing to do in this game, i have just run, collected fireflies, made camp, then went to proceed and whadda ya know: end of demo... whuuut? also as others have pointed out - focus on the audio, visually, even the animations, it looks perfectly balanced and the game has an art set of its own, but there is no gameplay, add more stuff to do.


Before I begin, let me note that this game is perhaps not quite my style of game, and thus that my thoughts below should perhaps be taken with some salt.

That said, having played some of the demo--the reason for the "some of" should become clear soon--I would like to give some feedback:

First of all, I really like the aesthetics of the game. Gloomy without being dull, retro without being ugly, and overall lovely and atmospheric.

I similarly rather like the lore and setup presented as far as I got--there's a nice tragic romance to the whole thing, which I quite appreciate!

That said, I did find the early maze-like forest area to be a little unengaging after a time: while I liked the overall feel of it, there was fairly little to do or see (that I found) for a fair bit of exploration.

But that wasn't a major issue at all.

What stopped me, in the end, was the combat. (Or at least a violent encounter; maybe there was other combat elsewhere or later.)

In exploring, I encountered a strange creature, like a nervous system stripped of its body. It attacked me swiftly, overbore me, and proceeded to hammer on my prone form.

Something flashed up on the screen to the right. Perhaps due to the urgency and surprise and haste of the moment, I didn't get a good look at it--I was focussed on the creature on top of my character.

But seen just outside of my central vision I thought that it looked like an arrow, so in haste I tried a few upwards-motions. (At least of my mouse, possibly of key-presses--I forget.)

This, of course, did nothing, and I was killed.

I recovered, returned to the world, and had another shot at the encounter.

I realised--whether this second time or after--that the thing on the right wasn't an arrow, but a "press the button in this range" bar. I tried to match it--tried multiple times--but never did get it to work. I'm not even sure of which button I was supposed to press, and thus whether I was pressing the right one.

(I also had a few shots at punching the creature as it approached, to no avail.)

Eventually, I gave up.

Now, having the learning of a combat mechanic be achieved via experimentation isn't a bad thing--not at all.

However, the process of resetting the encounter is rather lengthy--long enough that it very much acts against rapid iteration and through it experimentation with the mechanics, for me at least.

On top of that, on returning to life one has only one health-point, meaning that after the first time one gets only one iteration of experimentation per death.

(Let me note here that I actually rather like the whole death-and-return sequence. I just think that it's at odds with experimenting with a mechanic that kills one quickly.)

And finally, there was little feedback (that I noticed) in the mechanic to tell me quite what I was doing wrong--was I pressing too early? Too late? The wrong button entirely?

All of this made the process of figuring out how to progress a little frustrating and difficult to carry out for me, and as a result I eventually set the game aside.

Which is a pity, as I was otherwise enjoying it.

For one, the business of either giving or taking "soul" to the dead that I find makes for an interesting choice, and fits nicely with the overall atmosphere.

All the above said, overall, from what I see, the game is a solid one and well-done! ^_^

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Pretty game, a little short but yeah it's a demo so it's normal, i just have 3 bad points to say, the first one is the audio mix, you can barely ear the voices (Maybe you can add  subtitles or an option) the next one is just a little bug with the choice, the game selects 2 options (See pic) the last one is just a gameplay logic (Maybe cause' i'm stupid) can you please add the choices "Continue anyway" or "Go back" for the first jump (at the beginning) cause we didn't understand "I can jump but i can't go back" but "I can't jump if i can't go back" Maybe it's just me btw... Rank : 4 Stars (Demo) ! 

The visual style and the atmosphere is just awesome.

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