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This game is currently a work in progress

Do you feel that? It is the void. It surrounds you. It crushes you as though it were the deepest darkest ocean. You feel as though you are falling from a dream. A dream with no end in sight.

It is with my sincerest regret to inform you that you are dead. Murdered in fact. Your life was taken in this most unnatural way and so your soul will wander the void as nothing more than a lost and broken memory. Somewhere beyond this unfathomable expanse is the fractured soul of your beloved who has suffered equally so. Two parts of one soul set adrift in this impossible abyss and left to wait for the malevolent grip to loosen.

When that time comes, your souls will not pass on, but instead fall from this place to somewhere in between. A world of the damned where those who stray are lost. Where dwell violent and wicked spirits that have long been abandoned and those who wish to see you join them.

Only by reuniting with your true love may your souls become whole and ascend from that purgatory. Do you hear it? It beckons. Damnation awaits you. Both you and your beloved.

Of Love and Eternity has been a work of passion of mine for the past few years. It started as a feeling, then became a story, and now this game. While merely a short demo as of now, I hope that it conveys enough of my vision to capture people's imagination.

This demo serves as an alpha stage or vertical slice of the game's systems. There is still a lot to improve here but I feel that I have the bones to start adding to in the future. There are a total of ten parts planned with much of that content already created, however I want to know what people think of this first part so I can have a better sense of direction.

  • WASD (or Left Stick): Movement
  • Mouse (or Right Stick): Camera
  • Shift: Run
  • Space (or X Button): Attack
  • Left Ctrl (or Left Bumper): Switch camera
  • RMB (or Right Bumper): Zoom camera
  • Esc (or Start Button): Pause menu
  • (Menu) E (or A Button): Submit
  • (Menu) Esc (or B Button): Cancel

For anyone who fell in love with the music like I did, here is where you can find more on the creators:

Composer - Michael Berto
Vocalist - Freya Berkhout


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Of Love and Eternity Demo (Win x64).zip 315 MB
Of Love and Eternity Demo (Win x86).zip 313 MB
Of Love and Eternity Demo (Linux).zip 335 MB
Of Love and Eternity Demo (Mac OS X).zip 330 MB
Music Of Love and Eternity.zip 180 MB

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The game has an amazing visual, and with the design and animations of the main character, I got high the whole game. But I just got tired of walking after 5 minutes, and there are few interesting things on the way. I hope that the game will be great in the end

Add some sort of action mechanics and you got a banger

New Demo is nice, this is an adventure game, not a souls game, i think people are confused lol

Full Demo NO Commentary


walking simulator

I dropped this after reaching the first campfire. Cool premise and aesthetics, but as far as I played, it was a walking simulator with practically no freedom of movement - there is one narrow path forward with an occasional dead-end side path holding a collectible. The underground section was absurdly dark, and tinting the light to get even darker if you take damage is just cruel. I alt+F4'd after seeing my character slowly throwing memories into the fire one at a time, and realizing I'd have to sit there for every single one I'd picked up.

muito bom

i loved the game especially the end with the purple-pink forest also why did the skeletons give me backshots lol 


like the new revised demo !  but i like this game since demo1 where i really liked some daylight setting , and the new area past the campfire reminds some


I couldn't finish it.
It seemed interesting at first but it was just a walking simulator with no guide at all to tell you where to go.


Very nice!

This game has some potential. art and environment is good, but unfortunately there's nothing to do in the gameplay. Just walk from point a to b, rinse and repeat. I get it's a demo but i felt more could of been added to it to bring in more attention to it. Decent job guys, but could be better.
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I really dig the art, atmosphere, controls, and animations! All great!

However, as the game currently stands, the play-time of this game is HEAVILY artificially lengthened with long narrow uninteresting pathways that have you go back and forth over and over again.

This game does seem to have a lot of potential. I hope these issues get remedied somehow in the future that either shorten these areas, or make them much more interesting.

Great job otherwise!

I love the art style you created with this, great job

The idea of a gothic medieval version of Mandy, with a lot more melancholy than heavy metal, is wonderful. Loved the demo - are then any plans for console too? I know a fair few people who love this.

so I finished the demo. The atmosphere and sound design was cool. The environments are fantastic, it really felt like I was wandering the woods that I would when I was a kid. At the moment it does feel like not much is going on and it's just a walking simulator. I noticed that you can attack if you hit spacebar so I'm really looking forward to when combat is implemented. you have something really special on your hands here and I'm excited to see what's next for this game. Keep it up!


Hi, I'm a Game Dev Lecturer based in the UK. I really enjoyed playing this demo and look forward to purchasing it upon release. If you're receptive to any constructive feedback, please feel free to message me at alan.stewart@chi.ac.uk. But also totally understand if you're up to your eyeballs in feedback so feel free to ignore :) All the best with your continued development and keep up the great work. 

the art style with the dithering looks absolutely incredible, i'm obsessed with the atmosphere!!! i couldn't help but just keep complimenting how cool it looks. i think backing the camera back a bit would make it feel nicer with the angle being used here, as it's only like half of the screen currently. otherwise, great demo, kudos!

hi Acorn ,  big fan of the old demo here ,  i think i kinda like the old autumn day setting more , but also this one is very good! even more eerie ;  what can i say ? i like this game , unlike most people , i like the walking simulator setting ;)  something i would really add is few more sounds like  winds and a breaking branch... some things like these , to add even more to the amazing atmosphere .

wish u the best man! 

So happy to see this game back! love what your doing

Full Demo NO COmmentary


sorry ,but i really hate it the camera is just so zoomed in i did not have a feel for the atmosphere ,just a walking simulater ,i really did not finish the full demo but i just cant continue

Amazing Visuals. Atmosphere is so intense, while it is not scary (which is good in my opinion). Engaging hero. So, I can't wait for full version.

Absolutely amazing, I'm so in love with how the story starts and I truly hope this will get a full release, I can't wait to see where the story goes. I love that when you die you sorta get a ''second chance'' by finding your body in that misty area (though I maybe would add some randomness and other elements to that place, so it doesn't get repetitive). I absolutely adore the art style, it's gorgeous. In short, amazing job and I hope you continue working on this.

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unlike any game you'll see around. Think of it as gothic romance bought to life, or the lyrics of dark romantics like The Doors, The Cure and Bauhaus if they had a videogame attached. The game is in development at the moment with no date for release but if the demo is anything to go buy, it will leave a mark on an oversaturated market and hopefully, more will follow after this, that won't be afraid of breaking the bonds of what's normal. Absolutely recommended if you hadn't guessed.

If you want to check how it runs on Steam Deck just press the link below and the one above for the second demo:

Truly a breath of fresh air in a plethora of copy paste games. this had such a nostalgic and dark romance feel to it.


Amazing graphics. Loving the game so far!

Interesting, I just had some trouble with space key to rid me from enemy or punch him. The second choice is easier to end it up. Nice game and thanks to share it with us. Video:

Yeah, I watching the others they camping as a choice. I did it first time I played, so when I was recording I linger there thinking  "hum ... ahm, if do I refuse camp here and walk in the woods at night? Some threats? Yep, a threat indeed. Nice. I didn't see that path had a fork to avoid that thing. At the third times I died I saw. Cool, congratulations. I hope a long life to this project.

Really cool game.


Cool game, the full thing is gonna be raw. One thing that struck me as odd was that the protagonist breathes even though he's a skeleton. Kinda wack.


Is this game still being completed? I'd love to play the full game.

this is the atmosphere i was looking after !  tried many games , but this is the only one that truly  got it right (next close is witch hunt) ; and i mean the late autumn/early winter rainy haunted woods setting.

i really hope this game get released soon !

A Nice intro to the game set things up on what is happening and also gorgeous details and art style of the game.

this was an amazing game i can't wait for the full game cause i've been looking for a full game in this style of gameplay and art style this is such a great game  i highly recommend 


I just created an account to tell you how amazed i am by this game. i know developing a whole game takes its rightfull time, but i am already pumped for the release. i love the idea behind the game, the story, and the actual gameplay seems very interesting too. so far, it seems like a lot of the game is based on atmosphere, right? I think atmosphere is crucial when creating good, chilling horror. i like the approach of throwing us right into a heartbreaking love story too. wishing you best of luck for the rest of the creation process! 


So good, I cannot wait for the full game!

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how can i turn right in this game ?

Awesome looking game~! Will there be an update?

i hope this game becomes a series that not only improves on the story but the engine and software itself, im one hundred percent looking forward to playing after all the review videos ive seen

just started this game up... i'm not sure how to explain it but i'm getting a headache and some slight motion sickness playing it. is there a way to adjust the camera a bit? beautiful game otherwise, thanks for the demo.

This was an amazing and lovely game. Can't wait to see more of it. Great job!

I really love the aesthetic of your game it's so beautiful! the animation and movement feel smooth. On top of that, the story intrigues me quite a bit. One thing that I think could be worked upon is the skill check when being tackled by the plant monster looking things. A suggestion could be to have audio cues to let you know when the skill check pops up, when you fail a skill check, and maybe when you succeed one also. Regardless I am super excited to play the full game!

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