My Patreon is Now Live!

I finally made the leap and created a Patreon page for Acorn Bringer! My first post is a kind of welcome post and explains where I'm coming from with the creation of the page and what my plans are here on out. I thought anyone might find it interesting so it's available publicly for anyone to read.

My Patreon is Now Live! (Patreon Post)

I'm back from my regrettably long hiatus to share with you this pretty important update. After all this time of struggling to continue my personal work, I decided it's time I face the reality that I can't make this happen with out support. I've avoided this path for a long time out of stubbornness and only found that the work which provides me with income is usually going to get my attention first. So while I've been productive during this time and managed to sustain myself financially, the work I created is not something I'm passionate about and in some cases not even something anyone will ever see. With that realization and with a sinking feeling in my guts, I decided that enough is enough and it's time I prioritize what's truly important to me even if that means humbly asking for help.

Since this whole ordeal hasn't really left me exuding confidence, the Patreon page has been set up in a way that won't inhibit me from being a game developer. By that I mean the rewards are restrained and don't include many extras that would take away too much time from my work. Instead, most everything I share here will be a direct correlation with the project I'm working on such as progress reports, early builds for testing, and incites I find while working. The only acceptation to this will be occasional tutorials. I have a natural disposition to share knowledge and since it comes so naturally to me, making a tutorial or how to post every once and a while is something I can easily see myself doing. In fact, I get asked all the time about my process for one thing or another so to have the platform to create definitive tutorials on that stuff would be awesome.

The last thing I want to mention here are my future goals. This isn't just an Of Love and Eternity Patreon page, this is the Acorn Bringer page. That means that once I'm finished with my current project, there is still much more to come. OLaE has already been a huge learning experience for me and has changed the way I think about designing games. So much so that I was excited to take what I learned this far and apply it to the design of a new game. This game is on pause of course but know that once OLaE launches, there's already solid plans for a second big Acorn Bringer game that I'm sure you will find interesting.

Thanks for reading and a big thanks for those who stuck around after all this time. The launch of this page signifies something really important in my life and even if you are unable to participate, I'm glad you stopped by.

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Sounds totally understandable, I really hope you get the support you need and can continue with your fantastic projects! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out.

best of luck

Thanks for saying so. I appreciate it.