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Honestly, I am really excited for this game to be released. I just love the overall aesthetic and feel the environment gives off. The story is interesting too, I loved the part where he is just floating in limbo and goes to his undead body. The pixelized environment and colors blend very well! Can't wait for more chapters! Great Work!

Superb! Hope we can see full version soon! 

I looove the feel and the stile of the game! It looks like something I need in my life. A little dissapointed that there is not a single fight in the demo (although I could punch things, my punches were useless and there weren't any enemies), but I'm still very excited for the game now! I recorded a video, it's in Russian

Игра крайне понравилась, жду полной версии. Записал видео на русском

This game is very interesting. The story s phenomenal, but the game play and the environment is waaay too closed. I am the type of person who loves semi open world. Not too open and not too closed. Oh well. It is a very interesting game though. The idea is wonderful. Maybe the closed path is the point of the idea. 

I just finished the demo and it is absolutely brilliant. I love the art style and the premise, everything looks eerie in the best way possible, almost dream like. I love it and I hope it gets finished.

looks good feels good have so much potential!

This is beautiful. Loved the slow pace and atmosphere. Really captures the sense of a journey, and the experiences and obstacles that crop up along the way. Seems like there's going to be combat, which is cool, but i'd honestly play an entire game that was like this the whole way through.

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Incredibly good art design and presentation. Everything about the way this game looks and sounds is excellent. From the intro alone I was completely drawn in, and ready to see where the ride would take me.
Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to criticize the gameplay itself. I feel like the claustrophobic nature of the forest ended up just making me feel like I was wandering around a hedgemaze rather than exploring an area. Once I got the the night area, the enemies are too unforgiving, and lock you into a QTE even when you land a successful punch in on them. In the dark woods, the feeling of being stuck in a small maze got even more prevalent. 

I think that making the explorable areas more open and varied, as well as giving the player a bit more defensive and offensive ability would really help the game feel. I really want to learn more about this world, and it'd be fun to explore a map where it feels like I'm in that world, rather than just a themed maze.

Still, keep up the great work! Everything about the presentation is top notch and incredibly professional. I'm looking forward to seeing where this game goes!

Oh I absolutely love the amtosphere and visuals of this game. I was entranced and wanted to explore every part of the demo. Though I am a bit concerned that it started to heat up my laptop alot, and I have a gaming laptop. Anyhow, looking forward to seeing more. Would like to know if there's anyway to give support for this game.

The tone of the game feels great to me even tho it was a demo I was completely immersed in the story, They detail in all the small sound were great, I think im going to play through the demo a few more times! How can I help???

I got a notification telling me the game got a new update but there's nothing saying what it is. Does anyone know?

You must have been notified of the new devlog post I made the other day. No new updates to the game itself, sorry to say!


So, it's supposed to be some kind of Dark Souls clone? Not that I'm trying to insult you or anything (why would comparison to a highly successful game series be an insult anyway?), just trying to get some context.

Can't play demo. everytime i try to start the demo it keeps crashing and i don't know why.

Anyone have trouble running on Mac? When I download I'm not getting a zip file, just an application (Intel) file

Love the way it looks and sounds. Looking forward to seeing more of this. PS. is there any way to invert the right stick? Pressing up to look up feels very wrong.

Cool atmosphere. You're missing out on a lot if you choose to camp for the night. But it's really easy to get lost for a long time in the dark. It would be nice to have a few clues to help you go the right way. Some of the dither options in the menu are downright unusable and on Linux the esc. key doesn't bring up the menu. I enjoyed playing quite a bit.

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Absolutely dripping with atmosphere, so much so, that you feel each and every step you take, which is also due to the slow and methodical animations (god, i love them so much). To anyone scrolling through the comments hesitating on downloading the game, please do so, it's a big recommend to anyone who has a PC to run it... or if you really like the PAL cover art of resi 4.

This demo was pretty short, but it really showcased the devs ability to make an aesthetically pleasing and atmosphere drenched game. Good job

when will the full release come out? this was really fun im looking forward to the full release! also will we get weapons, or will it be a walk sim, any inspiration from dark souls? keep up the great work g familia :D

achei muito bom o trailer e muito boa sua ideia assim que tiver tempo irei baixar para testar e talvez tentar dar alguma ideia.

pelo vídeo e pelas fotos ele aparenta ter excelentes gráficos e uma boa trilha sonora.


I just watched the trailer and while the graphics and sounds look great, I was honestly much more interested in playing before I saw the trailer. The opening cutscene is really cool and I loved how it set up the story but after that I watched ten minutes of aimlessly walking around a forest, apparently looking for scene transitions? And all of that just to be killed in the most awkward way possible by an extremely annoying looking enemy type. Then it says at the end that that's the end of the demo! Why would I play the demo then? The game looks cool but the trailer is honestly terrible. Again, great job on the visuals and sound, it really creates a fantastic atmosphere. I'll follow to see how it looks in the future but definitely in spite of the trailer rather than for it.

Loved the game! Hope you don't mind that I streamed it and made a video! The graphics and music were very good (big fan)! Loved the atmosphere, the sounds had me going and the cutscenes looked nice too. Overall, I loved it! Great demo, I hope to see the full game soon!! The  big skeleton Boii at the beginning caught me off-guard, thought he was mean.

i really loved the vibe, camping at night was eerie and when something came running out of the darkness towards me i shit myself (figuratively), i must have missed all the enemy encounters with qte's that people are talking about though, i liked the feeling of being lost in the forest, however i do think subtle clues to guide the player where they need to go would be helpful, all in all i really enjoyed this demo, just a shame i didnt get to experience everything the demo had to offer

This is great

Immaculate vibe, would love to see the finalized game! 


The mood is top notch! It looks very interesting, however I'm a very clueless player and so I got lost a lot. It would help to add some variety to the paths so i know where i am, and also stronger visual clues as to which way will advance the story. Subtitles when characters talk would help a lot as well. Can't wait to see what you'll make of this!


imo gameplay before aesthetics. it looks super unique and eye-catching. but it's not really a "game". more like a visual novel. which is fine. but not what i expected.

Amazing game, one of the coolest things I've played in a while. Keep up the great work.


Why the Linux version have more bytes, anyways thanks for native Linux support and I use Artix btw

i loved the the game


the graphics are great. very promising, and i love the way the player moves. 


*Minor Intro Spoilers*

Maybe I don't see what other people like. But I'm going to give my thoughts. I don't like it.

The art style is beautiful, low-res but aesthetically pleasing, the voice acting is nice, although skeleton through me off (lol, models for the characters are amazing, but there's alot I don't like.

Dither by default - turned off immediately

Walking sim - I thought at the beginning, 'Ok, Scottish Dark Souls game, no problem, Dark Souls is fun' I thought I'd end up with a weapon. No. Instead I collect fireflies, walk through a forest that gets me lost, and an enemy jumps on me. then without telling you a control a bar pops up, which I'm guessing is a skill check? Now, luckily, I found out spacebar is did nothing in the bar though

So maybe I didn't get far enough in...but I don't want to. I'm not pushed to want to carry on going, for all I know I could be strolling in a forest for 20 more minutes. I just...don't like it, but hey, I don't have to like a game for it to be enjoyable for others or the creator, so keep making people who are into it happy

Well it is just a demo and since you do play as a knight I'd bet you'll get weapons later on in the game. I wouldn't judge a game fully based on it's pre-release demo but that's just me.

I loved the visuals and I'm into the dithering but in regards to the gameplay I felt the same way. Maybe I missed something but I felt that when I was walking around getting lost at the beginning I started losing interest quite fast. When the first enemy showed up I just got jumped on and lost most of my health trying to figure out how to do the quick-time event. Now maybe there's a way to fight the skeletons but it seemed like you just had to get leaped on and win the quick-time event and that just seemed really boring so I stopped playing.


Replaying the demo today and there is one thing about the game i take issue with. its no deal-breaker, merely a minor gripe. the voice of the skeleton creature does not match its appearance. at least to me. there's way too much of a juxtaposition in my opinion. very solid demo in every other regard though, and I'm still looking forward to the finished product



I need more! The demo alone is a masterpiece! You have amazing talent. The design of the creatures and characters are so cool, and you create such an amazing atmosphere with their presence. The forest looks and feels very real despite the low-poly graphics, which I think serve the environments incredibly well. I can't wait to see more of this.

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Really love the atmosphere. the look was really nice as well. Im looking forward to seeing whats to follow 

love the art style, the music, the sound effects, the camera, the animation and this demo was a great showcase of all that, though i would like to see some combat, i think this game would fit well with it. and i'm assuming so much is planned already, i just long to see how it would look like in this game.

Combat would fit perfectly in the type of environment this game (demo) displays .

9/10 for what vision i see for this game's future (if any) by playing this demo. Liked everything about it, except maybe that i want to see more of it, and the demo certainly excited me but didn't quench that immediate thirst by just walking in forest.

 would def consider giving you all my money if a game where to come from this.

Aesthetically I love it already. I plan to download it as soon as I get home tonight. I'll write further feedback!

Why Linux have more MB?

I really like the atmosphere this game creates, and for whatever reason the walking animation is very satisfying. 10/10

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